Back in the Day

Travelling back in time, I re-claimed some of my misspent youth  today!! In a non-descript 2nd hand bookstore my distant school days flashed through my mind. Amongst the dusty shelves, long lost Summer days came back to me, in the guise of  “Archie” & “Spooky”.

I remember how parents and teachers alike did not encourage the reading of comics in any way,  shape or form.

Which meant that a wonderful clandestine ritual was  involved in the reading of  the adventures of “Superman” and “Richie Rich”.  Not ever read openly on the playground, but folded into the middle of text books !!

And not many heroines for us to indulge in those days. So  “Little Lotta” was a firm favourite amongst us girls.

Most treasured amongst my finds today, “Captain Marvel” and “The Girl from U.N.C.L.E”  dated 1966, and pictured in graphic black and white.

Is it just me, or were the times much simpler when I grew up ?


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freelance journalist, accidental tourist, avid sports fan, Mercedes Sosa convert
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