Let’s recycle !!

Since last
September, as part of my morning walking routine, I started picking up glass
and plastic bottles on the pavement.

In total, I
rid the earth of 1 109 kilograms of glass and 170 kilograms of plastic. I
aim to do way better in my 2nd year of recycling.

This is what
I picked up this morning…

This is how
much I pick up in a week…

And this is
where it all goes, my favourite boulevard on the way to the recycle yard of “Remade”,
my local recycling plant.

As you can
see, recycling efforts come in all shapes and sizes.

The day’s
plastic mountain, to which I added 10 kilograms.

The tin heap
plus my 20 kilograms.

And I contributed
60 kilograms of glass to be melted down and re-used in future.

Thanks “Remade”.
See you all next week !!!

Need to know more: contact Remade at 012 386 7039


About tshwanetourist

freelance journalist, accidental tourist, avid sports fan, Mercedes Sosa convert
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5 Responses to Let’s recycle !!

  1. Maggie L R says:

    Wow, it is amazing how much we can keep out of the landfill. It is good to see it in your photos. imagine that multiplied by cities and towns, week after week, year after year.. mind boggling.
    I wasa led to your blog through a post in Linkedin requesting followers and I will follow your blog too. I am at http://maggielr.com and I have a photo blog at http://maggiephotgraphy.wordpress.com

  2. Ilana says:

    This is a fantastic achievement. We’re lucky enough to have home collection, but still many people don’t do it. Here’s hoping we can convince more people to do their part in reducing needless waste.

  3. Rina Muller says:

    This proves that we dont need to wait for government or laws – the choice is ours to make. The pics are quite a reality shock! icu!

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