Civic Matters

The Pretoria

City Hall was built to celebrate Pretoria’s city status, attained in 1931.

Designed by FG McIntosh and John Lockwood Hall, this classical Italian style

building has charmed residents and visitors alike since 1935.

Soaring 47

meters into the Highveld sky, the clock tower boasts a careillon of 32 bells,

donated by George Heys, famous owner of Melrose House.

10 solid

granite columns support the massive cornice and pediment, the latter sculpted

by Coert Steynberg. The designs represent the progress of the city.

The two

statues in the walkway in front of the City Hall, were also done by Coert

Steynberg. Andries Pretorius, after whom Pretoria was named and his son MW

Pretorius, founder of the city and first President of the ZAR.

(Zuid-Afrikaansche Republic)

Inside the

foyer a Walter Battiss  painting catches

my eye. It depicts the fauna of Pretoria 1855, with all the surrounding farms

named after animals depicted in the work.

Even though

most of the current council offices are found elsewhere in the city, some of

the chambers are still in use to this day. I peek into a vacant one, and I am

struck by the name on the huge mural, rather than the art work itself. Jan

Juta.  In the Pretoria of my childhood

one of the only 2 bookstores in the city, was called Juta’s.  Surely there must be a connection ? Turns out

Jan Juta’s grand father was the founder the bookstore in which I spent many happy


So, next

time you are in Pretoria, be sure to visit  the City Hall.


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